Products for the plastic industry

The equipment we manufacture with our own technology and the construction of production and processing plants for plastics meet the requirements of various markets such as the automotive, packaging, pharmaceutical and food industries.
Pneumatic conveying & transport

Our pneumatic transport system it’s a safe, flexible and optimal system for the transport, loading and / or unloading pellet, powdered and micronized products.


Our dehumidifiers for pellet materials guarantee an optimal control of the humidity of the material during the whole dehumidification process, reducing the rejected material and increasing productivity.

Industrial dryers

The Alimatic industrial air dryers are flexible and robust systems of high energy efficiency and with excellent accredited results.

Dosing Units Maguire

Our gravimetric dosing systems with a high dosage precision and a wide range of models, respond optimally to the needs of the plastics industry.

Dosing Units Movacolor

Our volumetric and gravimetric dosers, stand out for its high dosage precision, accuracy and proven efficiency.

Silos and storage systems

Our silos and storage systems cover a wide range of models with different capacities and different diameters and capable to achieve the proper storage of plastic materials.

Plastics recycling

We take care of the storage and transport of recycled plastic materials.


We offer accurate systems for dosing, mixing and conveying systems for continuous manufacturing lines of compound materials for the plastic industry.

Special equipment

Pressure conveying system. Hoppers for powdered materials. Convey systems from silos to hoppers.


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